Window on the web.

Last week I discussed how a simple QR code added interactivity to a poster. Now a technology unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show actually has the potential to redefine the outdoor space completely. I’m talking about the smart window.

As you can see in the video, this technology essentially turns a window into another computer screen, complete with touch-screen interactivity. The demonstration is from the point of view of the homeowner, who’ll have the ability to check the weather, a twitter feed, all the things one normally does on their home computer. But just think about the commercial possibilities.

Imagine if storefronts were made of smart windows. A bookstore could offer passersby the ability to read a page or two of whatever bestseller had just arrived. A fast food or coffee joint could let customers place their order before even walking inside. And receive an offer or two on-screen (or on-window) in the process.

I could see this technology fitting in on the transit system too. It would be a lot easier to wait for a bus if you could pass the time playing a simple branded game on the bus shelter glass. Or, for that matter, check the exact position of the next bus.

Pretty soon, staring out the window will take on a whole new meaning.

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